Claudio Pizarro 3 Werder Bremen

Claudio Pizarro 3
(Werder Bremen)
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Next two nights out! Unfortunately, only guaranteed one good evening. (Not Friday). ⁦@TheWavePictures⁩ #upthefulham
Thu, 21st February 2019, 00:13
About Us

About Us

Paul (Fulham) and Alex (Oxford United) met at college in Derby. Uninspired by their clubs merchandise and how the smaller clubs were overlooked - at the time Fulham were heading for the bottom division kids! - they sought to change how things were. The first prototype was a Dean Saunders shirt designed by Paul for Alexs birthday. Some years later, now at the University of Life, Cult Zeros was born over a few pints sat outside The Chancellor's pub in Hammersmith.
Since 2005, Cult Zeros have been printing thousands of shirts worldwide. Recipients of their shirts include Romario, Johnny Metgod, Shep Messing, Arnd Zeigler, Kay Murray, Adrian Chiles and Talksport's Adrian Durham (don't hold that against us!)