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@WhiteNoise1879 @RyanSessegnon Is he allowed to take the match ball home?
Wed, 22nd November 2017, 09:02

What is a Cult Zero?

A Cult Zero is whoever you want it to be… Our football t-shirts celebrate players from the non-league football through to World Cup legends. The t-shirts are custom-made, you add the wording yourself, therefore making them a unique gift for friends, family or even yourself!

If you can’t find the player you want in our gallery then let us know and we’ll do our best to sort it out. We can print tees of non footballers too, even your friends!

Enjoy the site and please spread the word!

Latest News

  • Mock-up problems

    Posted: Tuesday 14th November 2017 - 13:15

    We are in the process of creating a new site which we hope will be with you before the New Year. At present our mock-up tool does not work properly, however rest-assured that the colour you pick will be used in our printed process. 

    Should you require a mock-up of a shirt to see excatly what it will look like before buying then please do not hesitate to contact me or Alex at

    This is the same address for requests too!

    Thank you for your understanding, Paul & Alex.
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